Award Winners

The Data For Refugees Challenge aimed to present solutions for the problems of Syrian refugees in Turkey. It was accomplished as a result of Türk Telekom’s collaboration with Boğaziçi University and TÜBİTAK, and received the support of international foundations such as UNICEF, UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration. The Challenge was concluded in January, and the winners were announced.


In the Safety and Security category, the winning project is:

Characterizing the Mobile Phone Use Patterns of Refugee Hosting Provinces in Turkey The project group is:

Erika Frydenlund, Meltem Y. Şener, Ross Gore, Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken, Engin Bozdağ and Christa de Kock


In the Healthcare category, the winning project is :

Reducing measles risk in Turkey through social integration of Syrian refugees by Paolo Bosetti, Piero Poletti, Massimo Stella, Bruno Lepri, Stefano Merler and Manlio De Domenico


In the Education category, the winning project is:

Improve Education Opportunities for Better Integration of Syrian Refugees in Turkey by Marco Mamei, Seyit Cilasun, Marco Lippi, Francesca Pancotto and Semih Tümen


The winning project for the Labor category is:

UDMIT: An Urban Deep Map for Integration in Turkey By Sedef Turper Alışık, Damla Bayraktar Aksel, Asım Evren Yantaç, Lemi Baruh, Sibel Salman, İlker Kayı, Ahmet İçduygu and Ivon Bensason


The first place award in Social Integration category goes to:

AROMA_CoDa: Assessing Refugees’ Onward Mobility through the Analysis of Communication Data By Harald Sterly, Benjamin Etzold, Lars Wirkus, Patrick Sakdapolrak, Jacob Schewe, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner and Benjamin Hennig


For the Social Integration category,the Honorable Mention has been given to the project:

Measuring fine-grained multidimensional integration using mobile phone metadata: the case of Syrian refugees in Turkey prepared by Michiel Bakker, Daoud Piracha, Patricia Lu, Keis Bejgo, Mohsen Bahrami, Yan Leng, Jose Balsa-Barreiro, Julie Ricard, Alfredo Morales, Vivek Singh, Burçin Bozkaya, Selim Balcısoy and Alex Pentland


For the labor category, Honorable Mention has been given to the project:

Data Analytics without Borders: Multi-Layered Insights for Syrian Refugee Crisis By Özgün Ozan Kılıç, Mehmet Ali Akyol, Oğuz Işık, Banu Günel Kılıç, Arsev Umur Aydınoğlu, Elif Sürer, Hafize Şebnem Düzgün, Sibel Kalaycıoğlu and Tuğba Taşkaya Temizel


We congratulate the project groups.


D4R Project Team

Attention Please

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